There is always a way to overcome obstacles. over, around, under or through.

This is the basic tenet that Chiron believes in; it has enabled us:

Help our clients look at their challenges holisticallyHelp our clients look at their challenges holistically
Think of multiple solutionsThink of multiple solutions
Set realistic goalsSet realistic goals
Adopt the most appropriate tool to achieve these goals
The option to change the tool is perennially open as the fast changing economic environment in the 21st century demands continuous calibration.

Large players dominate the world market; but in many niche areas Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) continue to thrive and grow. They are slowly integrating into the global economy. Chiron’s current focus is creating value and competitive advantage for them. We help them achieve this through clear, concise, concrete strategies. When implemented, these strategies will have substantial and positive impact on SME’s performance and growth.

Though young by industry standards, we have been credited with the reputation as ‘positive thought process’ thinkers on issues ranging from turnaround strategy to developing strategic alliances to setting up new businesses. More importantly, our clients trust us because they know that our solutions are specific to their situation, result-oriented and sustainable, while keeping the core fabric of the organisation intact. We call it ‘Change without Change’.

The backbone of a management consultancy firm is its core team. The Chiron team has abundant expertise, experience and a sound ability to anticipate tomorrow’s opportunities today. That is not all - the team’s skills complement with others in such a way that collectively they can effect positive changes across the entire spectrum of businesses. And what is unique about Chiron is - the partners have a personal stake in every project; the people you meet at the proposal stage will be the ones who work with you when project starts.

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