Corporate Strategy
Turnaround & Change Management

Consolidation & Growth

Arranging Strategic Alliance for Manufacturing / Marketing


Strategic Vision Development & Business Planning

India Entry Platform for International Companies
Establishing multinational companies

Alternative Model to Own Office/JV/Agents, etc

Identification and Selection of Potential Joint Venture Partner

Help Establish Distribution Network

Innovation/Improvement Catalysts
International Marketing

Dealer / Franchise Management

Product Development Processes

Strategies for Sourcing & Material Cost Reduction

Quality Management
IT Management

Operational Support
Professionalize Operations

Human Resources Management & Organization Building

Key Staffing

Financial Management

Development of MIS & Control Systems

Assistance & Guidance to Indian Companies to Globalize
Assessing Export Market Potential
International Trade Statistics Through Web Search
Identifying Potential Partners (Agents, Distributors or Joint Venture Partners)
Setting up Corporate Entities Abroad
Locating Technology for a Product

Financial Services
Preparation of Techno Economic Feasibility Study
Conducting Sensitivity Analysis by Simulating Future Scenarios
Conducting Business Valuation
Mergers & Acquisitions
Assist in Conducting Financial Due Diligence
Assist in Financial restructuring
Arrange Project Finance

Setting up New Businesses in Speciality Chemicals & Metals
Undertake Concept Formulation & Initial Project Feasibility Report
Detailed Estimation of Project Cost
Preparation of Project Reports
Assist in Project Management
Assist in Setting up Tax Efficient Procurement Centers Abroad

Utility Revamp, Energy & Environment Management
Identify Energy Costs, which if reduced, will give Competitiveness.
Offer Solutions to Reduce Energy Bills
Help to execute the offered solutions

At Chiron, providing unique solutions and comprehensive services to our clients is a way of life. For this Chiron networks with specialists in specific areas and draws on their experience and expertise whenever required and thus integrates services from:

Internal Audit & Legal Firms
Trainers & Recruitment Agencies
Experts on Six Sigma, 5-S, TPM, and Theory of Constraints
ISO Certification Channels
Information Technology Providers
Market Research
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