Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, the consultants at Chiron have learnt to gainfully hunt in the most complex of business environments.
Through their vast, varied and rich experience they are equipped to
Anticipate change and help
  industries grow constantly
Offer the latest management
  learning and thinking to gain
  competitiveness and
Finally, evolve and help
  implement solutions that
  are sustainable and lasting

At Chiron, providing unique solutions and comprehensive services to our clients is a way of life. For this Chiron networks with specialists in specific areas and draws on their experience and expertise whenever required and thus integrates services from: 
  The Chiron Process   Chiron Management Capabilities
  Automotive Components
  Textile Machinery Engineering
  Projects & Construction
  Energy & Environment
Senior professionals at Chiron include experts in Corporate Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Sourcing, Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour. Drawn from a cross-section of careers in energy & environmental engineering, chemical industries and financial sectors 
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