Senior professionals at Chiron include experts in Corporate Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Sourcing, Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour. Drawn from a cross-section of careers in energy & environmental engineering, chemical industries and financial sectors, our core team brings to clients diagnostic, analytical and academic experience - unique in its balance, breadth and objectivity.

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Abhay Nalawade
Abhay Nalawade is a Physics graduate with MBA in Marketing, and additional senior management training from Harvard Business School, USA. Abhay worked with the Thermax Group, an Energy & Environmental Major, for over 25 years. In Thermax, he started as a marketing executive and went on to become the MD - and later the CEO. Abhay's varied positions and responsibilities within the group's diversified businesses enabled him to understand, learn and lead the company through different business cycles and take it to greater heights.

Presently he is the Managing Director of EcoAxis Systems Pvt Ltd, a Joint Venture with A.T.E. Enterprises ( The Remote Performance Monitoring System (RPMS) business model was developed, nurtured and piloted by Abhay. RPMS are based on Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication technology to achieve operational efficiency of equipment and processes. As an astute business strategist with strong management and people skills, he brings to Chiron the experience, skills and knowledge that help customers develop a vision and strategic plans in today's competitive environment.

He specializes in strategic thinking, evolving vision for a company, mergers and acquisitions, brand building, logistics, helping top management for making long term perspective plans and organizational changes for future growth.

Passionate about sustainable development, Abhay believes that “all progress and growth must be achieved while sustaining ecosphere. Any short-sighted approach would lead to undesirable results for mankind. Industry and management have to play a key role in this respect. We can learn a lot from the way nature functions. Emulating nature and basing our strategies and plans on such wisdom is the way to move forward. Advice based on such thinking is the only way consultants can help organisations.”

Dilip Sathaye
Dilip Sathaye is a major in Marketing and Finance. Dilip was with SICOM for 17 years. During this period he was also on deputation to MSSIDC (a government organisation engaged in the development of Small Scale Units) for 2 years. While working with these institutions, Dilip developed valuable skills in project feasibility, disbursement & recovery of term loans, mergers & acquisitions, revival of sick units, setting up SME factories and merchant banking from 1995 onwards he worked as an independent consultant for many organisations, with varied objectives. This gave Dilip an opportunity to work closely with the private sector.

Besides being a finance wizard with entrepreneurial facet, Dilip brings to Chiron rich experience, insight, and understanding of the intricacies of a wide range of industries.

He specializes in help establishing multinational companies, identifying new business ideas, financial analysis, help arrange funding/venture capital for expansion needs, carrying out due diligence, sourcing leads for good strategic alliances and reviving and restructuring of business activities.

Dilip believes that “the Achilles’ heel of the SME sector is their view on government policies, interest rates, power supply, etc. The assumption that with sufficient finance the sector can outperform is not always true. My long experience helps me conclude that SMEs need to get into the skin of a business cycle and prepare an annual and a 3 year Strategic plan, while measuring the results thereof.”

Raju Halbe
Raju Halbe has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. He began his career with Ahmed Oomerbhoy (makers of 'POSTMAN' oil) and ACC. Later, he joined the Thermax Group, starting in the boiler division. From Chemicals to Boilers to Energy Systems, the challenges turned him into an able leader and planner. He established marketing channels and international markets in 13 countries, besides heading an operational team of 800 people. As the Executive Vice President and a key Executive Council member of the company, he was responsible for strategy formulation of the company's four core businesses.

In Chiron, he has handled more than 10 different accounts in Chemical/ Engineering/ Construction/ Rubber & Auto components to develop long term strategies for growth & turnaround. Associated Textile Engineering, he was recruited as their President for developing Industrial Products Group (

Raju's managerial and marketing skills, along with an in-depth understanding of global markets are traits that Chiron treasures. He specializes in organization building and good HRD practices, IT & IT based solutions and globalizing businesses. He offers the ‘outside in’ view for changes in Marketing plans.

Raju says, “Marketing & Development of Human Resources are my strengths. Today's world is changing too fast to convert every business from fixed cost to variable cost. Survival will be assured to organisations that quickly adapt to market changes, on an on-going basis. It is also true that returns will be rewarding to companies who continue to think and implement competitive strategies in every business process right from sourcing to marketing.

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